Fertours2Cuba is a private tours company based in Cuba that specializes in highly personalized, exclusive and secure tours to Havana and the western side of Cuba. Founded by Fernando Horta, a professional interpreter/tour guide who has vast experience working with clients from the USA, Canada and the UK. Fernando graduated from University in Languages and knows the culture and history of Cuba, but most of all, he knows how to satisfy his clients highest expectations by putting together tailor-made tours that meet every request. When you come to Cuba on vacation, you want to have someonereliable and knowledgeable who can show you the best places to go and the best things to do, and that’s where Fernando steps up. His flexible approach and care for his clients has enabled him to provide a variety of services such as interpreter-personal assistant and full time tour guide-driver-facilitator. Fernando loves God and loves people as himself, he cares for people and enjoys meeting new people, and his goal is to become a friend who will create unforgettable memories of your vacation in Cuba. Friendly, informal but professional, personalized, exclusive and secure, that´s what you want from your tour guide and your tour to be perfect. Fertours2Cuba is all about your dream tour. “Small details” are never too small, they all matter and that´s why Fertours2Cuba and Fernando make the difference!

Fernando Horta