Havana Premium Tour

The full experience

We will pick you up at your hotel at 10:00 hrs. This tour includes most of the places that are described in the Havana´s Highlights Tour but we add the evening to it to make it perfect for you. We pick you up at the Hotel at noon and leave for a nice comfortable two hour drive to Havana. On the way there we will drive through Matanzas city, head city of Matanzas province and known as the “City of bridges”. The next stop will be the look-out from Bacunayagua Bridge, Cuba´s highest bridge and one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering.You will enjoy an amazing view of the bridge and at the same time taste the best “Piña Colada” in town.
We start by taking a walking tour in the oldest area of the city, colonial Havana, which will include 3 main squares: San Francisco Square, Old Square and Main Square. The squares where the city was born and where the most beautiful buildings were built. It´s the time to travel in time on cobbled streets. Then we walk through “Obispo” Street, known by its populous crowd, all the way down to the world famous bar ¨El Floridita¨ (where Ernest Hemingway used to drink his favorite drink ¨Daiquirí¨). Now we are at the heart Old Havana from the 50´s, the reason why Havana was known as one of the most beautiful cities in the west hemisphere. Places like the National Capitol Building, the Central Park and the Grand Theatre, speak loud of the splendor and glamour of those past days.
By then it should be about time to enjoy a breathtaking sunset as we drive by the seawall on the way to the Revolution Square. If you like to take sunset photos this will be one you want to take. You will see how the old city merges with the new and modern buildings, creating a metaphor of the history of our country.
Now it is time for dinner at a local restaurant, a meal that might just become the best one that you will have in Cuba (the average price goes from $15 to $20 CUC/per person). After dinner we walk to the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña to enjoy the famous 9 o´clock Cannon Shot Ceremony that will shake you and the city. A squad of soldiers dressed in the red and yellow-gold of the Spanish colonial army march towards the cannon, load it with gunpowder and light the fuse. The show is done at the emplacement of La Cabaña salvo battery-21 bronze pieces from the 18th century that display a rich and beautiful decoration.
To close the night we head to the one of the best night shows with the most authentic traditional Cuba music at “Rosalia de Castro”. There, an enthusiastic and charismatic group of experienced Cuban musicians members of the Buena Vista Social Club will amaze you and entertain you with their performance for 90 minutes (price: $30 cuc per person).
Up close and personal is by far one of the best choices when it comes to having true Cuban fun.
At 23.00 hrs we will drive you back to your accommodation confident that you have tasted the best of our beautiful Havana.

Fernando Horta