Tour a la Carte!!

The full experience

A Tour a La Carte is a day tour to discover Cuba and it´s hidden beauties. With Fertours2Cuba you will get a tour completely personalized to your most specific requests. Your trip with us will be an adventure; you will discover what most people miss when they stay on the beach. It offers the best and most visited places in the western area of Cuba. We will tailor a day tourfor you in Cuba by letting you choose from our destinations the places you want to visit on a day. We will always provide you with safety travel and personalized guiding. Just check out our destinations and choose where you want to go and we will make it happen. A Tour a La Carte is what you are looking for if you want a truly personalized, exclusive and secure tour. It will be my honor and pleasure to be your host and show you the best Cuba has to offer.

Fernando Horta