The Havana transfer-tour combo

The full experience

You are staying in Havana and you want to use your last day there as a day tour and also use the same car and tour guide to take you to Varadero for the other part of your vacations. It also works the other way around, you are staying in Varadero and the day you are going to Havana you want to use it as a day to explore the city and also get a transfer. Then this is the perfect choice for you. In both cases you can choose one of two different tours, a day tour to Havana or a day tour to Matanzas. Matanzas is on in between Havana and Varadero so if you have already taken the day tour to Havana this might be a wonderful choice. However, the most convenient way to do it, regardless of where you are staying, is to do the day tour to Havana. Why? Well, a simple transfer would become a great tour and an ordinary day of travelling would become an enjoyable day of touring the most beautiful city of Cuba in an old timer with a professional tour guide. Make the best of your vacations and add a day to it by booking this tour.

Fernando Horta