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A *silk is produced that has a very handsome clown printed on it. The clown is placed in a change bag or favorite magical apparatus. "Many people have said that it is the clothes that make the man. But in the clown world it's the nose that makes the clown." The clown is brought back out and the clown's nose has disappeared leaving a gaping hole in the silk. A child is brought up to help and is told that the clown has a running nose "it ran completely away" and that he/she is needed to help fix this “smelly" problem.The assistant is then shown a silk with several different noses and asked to pick the correct one. Once the clown nose is "picked" the performer produces from the silk a real foam clown nose. The nose is placed on the child and the clown silk missing its' nose is held in front of the child allowing the foam nose to stick through the hole. The child has fixed the clown's face by becoming a clown themselves. After a round of applause the child takes a bow and then gets to keep the foam nose as a souvenir of this great magical experience. A great kids show trick.

Comes with three 18" silks and 10 clown noses and two routines one comedy and one gospel.

Introductary price of $60.00 plus shipping

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