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Introducing Peyton the Prodigious Pachyderm!

The Prodigious Pachyderm is a story trick design specifically for my Circus VBS programs for about Peyton a young circus elephant who is really excited to perform. He is strong, he is brave, he is larger than life and isn't afraid of anything. well..... except that little mouse.

Peyton is ready for his big day, He is so excited to finally after so much practice to finally get to do is act for all the the audience under the big top. Lead by his awesome trainer he will perform on of the most daring act ever performed in the circus by such a young elephant. He is also excited about the reward if he can pull off the great stunt, a giant bag if fresh roasted circus peanuts. But the circus bully Martin the Mouse has set his dastardly plans in motion to thwart Peyton’s big day and get the peanuts for himself.

A volunteer from your audience is selected to be the elephant trainer. Peyton goes into his tent to get ready, only to vanish. Martin the mouse appears and is dead set on not only stealing the show but taking Peyton’s prized peanuts, only to have Peyton finally appear magically behind your volunteer trainers back. saving the show and his coveted peanuts. This great story tick is sure to be a hit at your next show.

The trick comes with a large box of peanuts two 18" elephant silks, a 12" bully the mouse silk, a cape for the assistant an a large cut out of Peyton. Also three great routines (Comedy, Bully, and Gospel) developed by the great David Mitchell.

$160 plus shipping

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